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Nutritionist Peri Gershoni

Psynergy's Food Blog, with Peri Gershoni

Food as medicine: an introduction to Psynergy's healthy and delicious kitchen!

My name is Peri Gershoni, I am registered dietician and a consultant to Psynergy Programs Inc. I will be posting articles over the next few weeks about many interesting aspects of food as medicine and as a key component to Psynergy’s health philosophy. I thought it would be interesting to share my first experience at Psynergy.

California produce

A passion for freshness!

Salads where carrots are shredded just moments before they are served, farm-fresh produce, freshly baked bread, and delicious, low-fat entrees help clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Clients at all of the Psynergy residences experience cuisine take advantage of the just-picked bounty of California produce, only a day or two out of the ground.


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