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Together Achieving More.

We are committed to providing innovative and customized treatment plans for individuals to graduate from locked settings into successful community living.

We believe in approaching the journey of recovery with a philosophy of wholeness in spirit, nutrition, fitness, environment and therapy, which we call our New Vision of community life.

Our mission is to create hope and a future for our residents through vision, fortitude, integrity and a progressive mindset, and we work to instill these values in our residences. This effort requires partnership with clients, residents, families, neighbors and staff.  

Another Psynergy Client

Client XX is a 32-year-old male, conserved. Admitted from acute hospital in 2005 with blood sugar elevated so high that it could not be recorded, he experienced cerebral edema, which resulted in memory deficits. Client XX was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, memory loss, and diabetes type-1. He lived at a convalescent hospital for three years where he was treated for memory loss due to organic brain damage before coming to Psynergy Programs in 2016.

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. . . and another Psynergy client.

LM is a 57-year-old white female. Severely abused as a teen, LM attempted suicide at age 20, but recovered to finish two years of college, hold a job, marry and raise three children as part of a blended family. She was untreated for her mental illness for her adult life and Psynergy was the first and only residential treatment program she has received treatment in. A financially-devastating divorce in 2011 shattered her world, and mental illness, poorly documented since her teen years, once again dominates her life.

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Who is the Psynergy Programs client?

Nearly 85 percent of the clients at Psynergy are experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective thought disorders. Diagnoses include bipolar disease with psychosis, severe depression, major depression and anxiety to the extent that the client must be hospitalized. Profiles of representative clients may help you visualize some of the situations clients face.

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