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Medication Support Services

Medication Services include the administration, dispensing, and monitoring of psychiatric mediations or biologicals provided by a staff person within their scope of his/her professional license. 

From the time a new client enters the facility, a complete review of the client’s current medications, including a full assessment of the client’s medical needs, is undertaken.  After our psychiatrist makes a full assessment of current medications, we also complete an investigation of other mediations that have been used in the client’s previous treatment.  We don’t want to leave anything out of the potential equation that can be used to find the best regimen to allow each client to achieve personal success.

Side effects of medication, often a problem elsewhere, are minimized at Psynergy because clients are monitored every day.  A major part of our success in dialing in the best medications for each client is the ongoing education that our professionals receive. They stay current on the newest psychiatric medications, including recent atypical antipsychotics, to arrive at the most successful dosing and drug combination strategies available.