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Psynergy Promotes Matthew Brown to Chief Information Officer

matt Brown

April 22, 2024 - Psynergy Programs is pleased to announce that Matthew D. Brown has been promoted to Chief Information Officer.  Brown has been with Psynergy for 10 years, initially as a contractor, and then as an employee for the last seven years.  His first project with Psynergy involved writing an app to consolidate all of the admissions forms and paperwork required by California State licensing to maintain compliance.  From there, he moved into streamlining operational procedures and protocols involving technology and security as Psynergy grew to five facilities.

Recently, Brown has been focused on new technology initiatives in HR, designing an applicant tracking system that manages recruitment processes for the company. Other projects include Billing/Claiming technology, streamlining the agency’s practice management software to accommodate the California payment reform (CalAIM), along with technology surrounding both clinical and residential EHR platforms.

Brown has also guided implementation of an $8 million grant from the State of California to fund the construction and operation of Vista Esperanza, which is Psynergy’s first residential community for the elderly (RCFE). Located in North Highlands near Sacramento, Vista Esperanza will provide a permanent home for Californians aged over 59 ½ with serious mental illness. 

Never one to rest on his laurels, Brown says that his next initiative will involve using artificial intelligence (AI) to create predictive indexes that will further enhance Psynergy’s securities dealing with personal health information.

“Even though I have been involved in many areas of operation at Psynergy over the past decade, tech is still my hub,” says Brown. “Utilizing tech is my passion. I believe technology should enable, support and protect our staff and residents.  My goal is to make sure tech enhances and does not hinder any of our processes.”