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Psynergy Programs recruits Skyler Jayne as it expands services to privately insured clients

sky and niko

Formerly employed as lead admissions counselor at Bayside Marin Treatment Center’s residential program for substance abuse, Skyler Jayne has recently joined Psynergy Programs as client development specialist.  According to Psynergy’s chief information officer Jean Edwards, Jayne’s background in working with dual-diagnosis individuals was viewed as an important asset as Psynergy expands its role in serving privately insured clients in California. Before working with Bayside Marin, Jayne worked in and managed crisis residential programs for Napa and Sonoma counties.

“Skyler has valuable experience on both sides of the equation in mental health care, as he has worked with both county and privately-insured clients,” says Edwards. “He understands the challenges of delivering high-quality, compassionate care to those who are struggling to navigate the mental health system, and finding ways to help them access services.  We feel fortunate to have him in our corner as we continue to grow.”

As part of that growth, Psynergy has added 12 beds of intensive support at its Vista de Robles facility in Sacramento, and will open Vista Esperanza, a new 54-bed residential care facility for the elderly, later this year in North Highlands – its third facility in the Sacramento area. The company will also begin working with Kaiser Permanente’s insured client base beginning in July. Their scope of service will include 30, 60 or 90-day stays to help clients step down from a locked setting and rebuild independent living skills, or deal with a short-term mental health challenge. 

Jayne feels strongly that Psynergy Programs is part of the change that he and many others have been hoping to see in California’s mental health system.

“There’s an underpinning of compassion in this company’s value system,” he says. “Psynergy found a lot of inspiration in what Trieste, Italy did – closing asylums, avoiding locked settings and restraints, and creating community-based mental health support systems.  Psynergy is trying to provide targeted mental health support that helps families navigate unfamiliar waters as they deal with a first-time psychotic break or struggle with thought disorders and severe mental illness.  Treating people with dignity and respect, creating more of a community feeling – Psynergy is doing a fantastic job of helping people not feel so alone with their diagnosis,” Jayne said. 

Jayne says he has been fortunate to work at places that want to do the right thing for everyone who is reaching out for help with mental illness, including clients from the LGBTQ community.

“It’s important to create safe spaces where people can be themselves,” he related. “Mental illness and substance abuse exist across the board regardless of demographics. What I appreciate most about Psynergy is that they are supporting the most vulnerable populations, whether they are coming from the counties or from families who are lucky enough to have more financial support.  From my own career standpoint, I have the opportunity to help Psynergy grow and branch out into new areas.  I am honored that they are giving me that responsibility. It’s rewarding to work for an organization that shares my values.”

When he isn’t working, Jayne enjoys practicing yoga and rock climbing at Bay Area gyms, and spending time outside in the beautiful California weather with his girlfriend and her family and his dog Niko.