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Out-of-Network Providers

For those who are not working with a county partner, but have access to private health insurance or are self-funding, the National Alliance on Mental Illness website provides information that you may find helpful. Click here to access their article What You Need To Know About Health Insurance and Mental Health.

Psynergy does not participate in any insurance plans or programs and does not accept direct reimbursement from any insurance plan or program for services. All payments must be paid directly to Psynergy Programs Inc. However, many of the Life Skills Academy services and Professional services are covered by major insurance companies. Accordingly, Psynergy encourages you to contact your insurance company for information about covered services and eligibility prior to seeking admission. As a service to residents and their families, Psynergy will prepare a health insurance claim form. We require that two conditions are met prior to providing the form:

  1. Services must have been rendered (there is no pre-billing to insurance)
  2. Services must have been paid to Psynergy with a zero balance due. If you would like to submit your own claims, Psynergy provides the required information on each invoice.